ACT Coaching Classes



If you plan to apply for college admission, it is important to understand what ACT is and how it will affect the application process.

The ACT stands for the American College Test. Like the SAT, it is a standardized admission test administered by the College Board to gauge the college readiness of high school graduates.

Why take the ACT

Most US colleges and universities accept ACT test scores. Taking the test connects students to colleges and universities. The ACT has a science section which differentiates it from SAT.  In addition to this, the Math section has more geometry and trigonometry.  This test allows the use of a calculator for the entire Math section.  The essay section requires you to give students’ point of view which is relatively easier.

ACT Scores

Test scores signify an important measure of a student’s academic progress and together with high school scores are considered by colleges (as much as 50 percent weightage) whilst making admission assessments since most require students to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Students can opt for ACT in 11th class/beginning of 12th class. More than one try can be taken but two tries are the maximum that is advised. Each subject section is given a score ranging from 1 and 36. This is then averaged into a combined score of all four sections which also range from 1 and 36.

ACT tests for International students

In India, the ACT test is conducted in April, June, September, October and December.

How to register for ACT Test

For ACT registrations, please go to the ACT site ( and create a student account at the link below.

It is advised that students register at the earliest to get a seat at a centre of their choice.  They should have a valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of the exam.

ACT Structure

The test duration is for 2.55 hours and with essay (which is optional) an additional 40 minutes making it to a total time of 3.35 hours. The test comprises of multiple choice questions with 4 answer choices.  There is no marking for wrong answers as the scores are calculated for correct answers only.

During the test, a 10 minute break is given after first two sections.  A final break of 5 minutes is given prior to writing the essay.

The ACT test comprises of 4 sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science

Essay is optional


The English Test is intended to evaluate student’s understanding of the features of English i.e. grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.


This test covers a complete range of math topics which include algebra, geometry, probability, functions, statistics, number and quantity, and essential skills.


The reading test comprises of questions from passages given from social studies, natural sciences, literary narrative or prose fiction and humanities.


The Science section contains passages of scientific material drawn from physics, chemistry, biology, meteorology, geology and astronomy.


Essay writing requires reading a passage and summarizing it giving the student’s point of view through evidence and examples.

Essay Writing

Essay writing entails reading a passage and summarizing it based on evidence, reasoning and persuasive factors. The Essay depicts how well a student understands the topic, analyzes how the writer of the passage builds an argument through the use of evidence, reasoning and influencing skills. The essay should be in 700-800 words.

Our approach to ACT coaching

  • We offer a 60 hour coaching schedule


  • Equal weightage is given to critical reading/writing skills and problem solving and data analysis in Math


  • Our study material is comprehensive and exhaustive ensuring students are adequately prepared for the exams


  • Marathon practice sessions are conducted with mock tests each week in real time. This prepares the students to take the ACT test challenge confidently


  • Interactive coaching sessions include one-on-one guidance sessions


  • Doubt clearing sessions after completion of each assignment


  • Self-analysis by students on errors making them more confident in reasoning and logical thinking


  • Step by step essay writing


  • Students are encouraged to read current news articles which enhance their comprehension and writing skills


  • Practice and homework are key elements to our ACT program