The PSAT is a preliminary test of the SAT. PSAT prepares students to take the SAT or the ACT and is administered by the College Board.

The PSAT test is a comprehensive standardized assessment administered in schools. As ‘P’ indicates, it is preliminary to the SAT Test.  This test aids students to prepare for the SAT.

Why take the PSAT

One of the main advantages of taking the PSAT test is that it prepares students for the SAT giving them an edge over other applicants. Students get sufficient time to develop their reading, writing and comprehension skills.  They gain vital experience and time to focus on their areas of development including time management in a test taking setting. The cost of taking the test is low and affordable.

PSAT Scores

The PSAT test is on the same lines as in the SAT such as Reading, Writing and Math and intended for students in their 9th/10th class and aids in developing and improving their academic skills.

The PSAT is scored on a scale of 320 – 1520.

PSAT Tests SAT tests for International students

The PSAT Test is administered in schools in October each year, hence can be taken only once a year. Alternatively, if the school is does not administer it, students can contact the USIEF (United States – India Educational Foundation) in India or visit their website.

How to register for PSAT Test

Students can register with their school and if the school does not administer it, they can register at the following link by going to the USIEF website.  On the test day, students should carry a government issued ID or their school ID.

PSAT Structure

The test duration is for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The test comprises of multiple choice questions with 4 answer choices.  There is no marking for wrong answers as the scores are calculated for correct answers only.

During the test, a 5 minute break is given after each hour of testing.

The PSAT test comprises of 4 sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math (with calculator)
  • Math (no calculator)


The Reading Test is based on reading passages in a series of subject areas and interpreting them using the information to answer questions.

Writing and Language

The Writing and Language Test is a passage-based assessment of students’ aptitude to review and correct an assortment of passages by way of interpretation of thoughts and ideas keeping in mind the use of grammar rules and punctuation.


The Math Test stresses on the heart of algebra and passport to advance Math, problem solving and data analysis including other Math topics.

The Math Test comprises of two sections where in the first section, a ‘calculator can be used’ and the second being a ‘no calculator’ section.

Our approach to coaching

  • We offer a 60 hour coaching schedule


  • Equal weightage is given to critical reading/writing skills and problem solving and data analysis in Math


  • Our study material is comprehensive and exhaustive ensuring students are adequately prepared for the exams


  • Marathon practice sessions are conducted with mock tests each week in real time. This prepares the students to take the PSAT test head on


  • Interactive coaching sessions include one-on-one guidance sessions


  • Doubt clearing sessions after completion of each assignment


  • Self-analysis by students through rigorous coursework and reading sophisticated texts critically


  • Step by step essay writing guidance


  • Students are encouraged to read current news articles which enhance their comprehension and writing skills


  • Practice and homework are key elements to our PSAT program